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Dev Public School, Patna, affiliated to CBSE, offers high quality co-education to students from Nur to 10 with English as the medium of instruction. The curriculum design permits wide scope for children to explore their interest and to promote creativity, curiosity, determination and independence self reliance, tolerance and team work are a part of their learning experience. We strongly believe that this will enable them to excel in the 21st century.

Dev Public School is run & managed by MANIK KALASH REGD NO 1827/2011 (A Social Welfare society).

The school is envisioned & designed to cater for achievements of excellence in all scholastic & non-scholastic areas, Personality development oriented programmes and higher order goals by the students are a must for the smooth and tranquil passage of their scholastic life to their highly purposeful and meaningful adulthood in the advanced global society of future. The school is patterned such as to follow the best offered by the philosophies of idealism and pragmatism - The latter over riding for the curriculum and the development of the child as a best evolving individual. Therefore the school tends to establish such educational standard and quality that can be comparable with the National and International Standard of Education.

To bring together, Dev Public School as the name suggests has come up through the years in a most befitting manner to be a centre of excellence in the process of all round development of a child. Be it in the case of academics or in sports or in cultural activities and in the practice of science, it in fact kept an indelible imprint in its surroundings. The infrastructure being apt for advanced learning process.

To speak about the fabulous school building having spacious class rooms with proper ventilation and proper sitting arrangements, simply setting high standards for advance learning situations. The building enables each with proper drinking water facilities with aqua guards and water cooling system, well maintained urinals and toilets made separately for boys and girls. The building ensures safety and security to face the challenges like earthquake and fire devastation. The building is so designed to possess hanging garden, making it more picturesque.

Academic excellence is at the top of the hierarchy of the priorities of our School. Learning pressure is minimized to maximize retention. Although our main thrust is on academic excellence, extra curricular activities are given due emphasis. N.C.C., Scouts and Guides, Sports, Art, Music, Dance, Yoga, Karate and Cultural activities not only have a sobering effect on the minds of pupils but also foster the spirit of camaraderie.

The School follows a pattern of 30 students in a class, activity based teaching, trained & experienced teachers, individual attention, LCD Monitors and computers in the class, cubbies, speech and drama classes . The state-of-the-art facilities teacher & parent collaboration easier that enhances the entire teaching and learning experience.

The school aims to provide a number of facilities for outdoor sports and indoor games with Yoga and Martial Arts being an integral part of school's physical education training. Students are encouraged to take part in Art & Culture, Music, Dance, Drama and Community Service.