Taranpur, Dr. B Bhattacharya Road, Patel Nagar, Patna-23


The core purpose of our school is to impart wholesome good sense helping to develop the individual strengths of our pupils, stirring their imagination, making them explorers into the realms of the mind and the spirit with a studious work habit so that we will have added zest to these young lives and they will experience the joie de vivre which is their right and privilege.

At Dev Public School, we give strong encouragement at a social level, following every child seeing it all through the child's sensitive young perceptions. Children often fail to fulfill their potential because of what are diagnosed as the environmental factors of home and school ethics. We seek to remedy it.

At Dev Public School we value the innate strength of every child in its journey of life and strive to inspire it with hope and courage. Our primary program is therefore designed to enrich learning, so that early childhood education can extend beyond the limits of today.

Pre-school: Our main focus is to develop adequate muscular co-ordination and basic motor skills, to develop good health habits, to help the child understand, accept and control feelings and emotions, to motivate group participation by providing opportunities to think and create. Children are allowed to explore and discover freely and express their interest and fascination to their new discovery. They are exposed to the idea of friendship and sharing through our special concept days like "Sharing Day" and "Favorite Day".

Senior KG: Teaching method at this level is very interactive which initiates life-long learning. Integrated learning takes place in and out the classroom through problem solving, reading, language, mathematics, manipulative, etc. Children plan their activities, take responsibilities for learning. There is a high scope of learning while the children discuss what they did and how they liked it and what they learned from it. We help them differentiate between positive and negative behaviors. Our children are rewarded for their good choices which boost their confidence.

I Gr. - V Gr: We emphasize on reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Exploration and discovery is the method of our teachers to help students learn conceptually. Students are given ample opportunity to work together, discuss possible solutions, and speculate about theories. They are encouraged to look at many possible ways to solve a problem, not just find one "correct" one. They make observations, ask questions and share their ideas. The outcome is more learning, new ideas and curiosity satisfaction.

VI . - IX : Children learn about the values of learning at this age of self discovery. We use a variety of teaching methods in our classrooms to address the differing needs of students. The students work alone, with partners, and in small and large groups. However, they learn to explore the facts, how things work and why it happens and they develop the ability to think "if" and "then" questions. They learn to deal with more than one variable. Fifth graders learn to use the scientific tools to understand experiment and describe the phenomena. They are given opportunities to understand in a broader dimension to apply their knowledge to solve problems.