Director Message

Dear Students,

We Want that education by Which character is formed ,strength of mind is increased ,The intelligent is expanded & by which one is able to stand on one's own feet.

I am of the considered view that running of educational institutions is a joint venture wherein students, staff, Management and parents are co-partners. Co-ordination among all the co-partners is a pre-requisite for accomplishment of objective of quality education.

The mind is not an empty vessel to be filled. It was ridiculous to accept the fact that education is for all-in fact there is a dearth of premiere institution that could cater quality education to an individual. This very reason created an immense desire in me to come up with a school which could keep high standard of education that could bring about the all round development of the child-as an honest and hard working individual serving as an effective human resource in the national and international arena. With the constant support and guidelines of the Central Board of Secondary Education, the school runs smoothly with students passing out the secondary and senior secondary level every year with high degree of excellence.

The management of the school keeps no stone unturned for the well-ness of the students and is very much in tune with the advancement of science & technology along with a team of highly motivated & trained teachers.

Education as I feel can uplift the way of living of the entire human race and one can become a wonderful human resource.

Prof. Dinesh Kumar Deo.