Taranpur, Dr. B Bhattacharya Road, Patel Nagar, Patna-23

Extra Circular Activities

Excertion, Entertainment & Recreation Our students are take on educational tours. Detailed information about the monuments, sites and their historical and cultural backgrounds are collected to the students before a visit is scheduled. Such well planned and timely arranged trip give the students a very vivid, memorable and purpousfull experienced to their academic arena.
Medical Facility: We know that health is wealth, and a healthy minds live only in the health bodies. So, we provide special medical facilities by eminent physician. Routine health check-up of our children is done once in a month.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Games and sports
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Judo/Karate
  • Debate
  • Quizes
  • Yoga