Taranpur, Dr. B Bhattacharya Road, Patel Nagar, Patna-23

Our Motto

Our Motto

Our main objective is to provide an Excellent academic environment to our students. As a role mode institution , we teach necessary skills and also set standards of performance for the benefit of our society. we prepare the students to be intellectually component for global world, so that he/she can promote the human causes and may established themselves as a responsible, honest and trust-worthy citizen of glorious India.


Love: It means a relation with another that appreciate and seeks the good of the other. Love includes respect and appreciation of others allowing them the freedom of Sharing for a voice care of personality.

Knowledge: To know is a process of intellectual activity, while known is the acquisition of a treasuary of accumulated perception and concepts. The human senses are vital factor of knowledge. All that we see, hear, handle, test, smell and learn are the basic criteria of knowing while education is the net result of knowledge.

Services: Most persons have a need to be neede by someone. Services may be categoriesed for the need of achievement, power and affiliation. the importance of each of these factor varies in services with the individuals.