Taranpur, Dr. B Bhattacharya Road, Patel Nagar, Patna-23


School Bus and Van Services are available across the city for safe and smart transportation. Boys & Girls have to assemble at specific bus stop where they would be picked up and drop off by the vehicle.Transportation charges are variable according to the distance covered by the vehicle.

The School owns state of art buses, designed especially for conveyance of School children. The bus routes, timings and pick up points are informed well in advance to the parents and are designed to allow the buses to cover the routes. A bus may arrive at a stop a few minutesearlier / later than the scheduled time due to traffic condition. If earlier, the buss will wait at the stop till the scheduled time and if late, please bear with us. The bus staff will not drop a child at the scheduled stop if there is no person to receive him / her and in such a case the child will be brought to School from where the parents should pick him up. If there will be no one to receive the child at the stop as a routine, please enter the same in the Registration form.

If the child is traveling by School bus and on any day you wish to pick up the child after School in your own vehicle / by other arrangements, please inform us on telephone or sent a note before the scheduled departure of the buses, otherwise the child will be sent by the bus as usual.We request you to exercise caution when you drop or pick your child at school, particularly at the time the School closes. While you are waiting to pick up your child, please do not block the road with your car / two wheeler.