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Dev Public School creates & offers umpteen possibilities for its team to realize every word which is written above. We at Dev Public School do not select teachers & students merely that they take classes & complete the courses.

Dev Public School is an equal opportunity employer that believes efficient, hard working, dynamic, innovative & ready to learn teachers and staff members are the greatest factors that make for a great learning environment. We owe our success to our highly motivated and talented faculty and staff members. At Dev Public School
We Offer
A pre – school where the children learn to love learning through play. A primary school where the children learn to become independent, develop their latent talents & build confidence in themselves. A senior school affiliated to the CBSE Acquire habits of curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, independence and self-discipline.

Attain skills & attitudes which will fit them for life in the rapidly changing world of a new millennium. With a legacy in education for more than years now, we prospect to scale new heights by unveiling our employees with multifarious growth opportunities in every sphere. We always look forward to keeping our faculty roaring upstream by giving them international exposure and also encouraging them to study further and Demonstrate their intrinsic potential in the times ahead.

Growth: For Dev Public School , growth is the only evidence of life.It is our objectives to ensure that in a safe, tranquil, stimulating & intellectually challenging environment, all students shall have ample opportunity too...

Culture: Attain skills and attitudes which will fit them for life in the rapidly changing world of a new millennium. Fulfill their academic, cultural, sporting and social potential, including the achievement of Optimum Academic results. A positive culture around the workplace is certainly the widening of the mind and of the spirit.