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Mass Communication

MassCommunication is very important to Children because this time children growth time have to make something extra because in any field there is competition have to face your childeren so that massCommunication is vital part of your child education. LmcGroup, by definition, is a creature of its environment. It makes its contribution in relation to the needs of society both for today and for our tomorrows. Global society has thus far progressed from being manual workers to knowledge workers and today, we witness a transition from knowledge to information workers. This demands a significant change in the mindset of tomorrow's leaders in industry and communication.

We live through momentous times. Economics is indeed becoming the politics of tomorrow. this time your child have to learn something extra so that there is need of mass communication. There is a burgeoning demand for goods and services towards meeting increasing wants of the human family so as to generate greater happiness among greater numbers. We also find that advances in electronic media have shrunk our world to the dimensions of Marshal McLuhan's "Global Village". And, we are suddenly privy to the fruits of fifty thousand years of human civilisation and thought, science and philosophy, literature and art, by the sheer accident of birth at this point in history. Once again, contemporary strides in communication promises to change the very lives of the human family.